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Cool guitar at low prices

Learning to play the guitar was on my list when I was younger, but now that I just turned into a certified mommy, I will really have to put it down down the list. Not giving up on it but not yet my priority for now.

My friend showed me a link that shows good ibanez gsr200fm amber burst at guitar center and I am recommending to a friend of my hubby who is into a singing band. I am sure that he will be interested of this. They are offering cool guitar at great low prices! It is really great for grabs especially that it is Christmas.

There’s Hope for Addicts

I have read so many stories about people dying in forced deaths. Meaning they died by inflicting death to themselves. They die because they unknowingly do something that will kill them. Most of these reasons are due to addiction to substance and depression. In my opinion, these guys needs guidance as well as medical treatment.

Lucky are those who got family to keep pushing them to get medication but how about those whose families have given up on them because they think they are a hopeless case when it comes to finding treatment? Oh well, I am sending prayers their way now.

One friend of mine is on the brink of depression. She is suffering a clinical depression and she is a coffee and cigarette addict. We think she needs to check out the rapid detox center nearby her home because we are sure she can still overcome the cloud of depression cloaking her.