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Maternity swimsuit

Summer is almost over but we haven’t gone to our favorite beach resort yet. Our trip the other month was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Now the wife has been sweet-talking me that we need to visit Isla Reta Beach Resort before summer ends. She wanted to relax there, and bring the whole gang so Ella and Eman could also enjoy before their classes start.

What concerns the wife now is looking for a maternity swimwear. Aside from our planned beach getaway, we also have company team building in one of the beach resorts in Samal so she really needs something a swimwear for both her two piece and one piece beach wears that she’s been using for almost three years don’t fit her anymore. With the bulging tummy, she must find something comfortable to wear like this one piece DKNY Bardot from aquabeachwear.com.

She’s looking at it earlier. And wishes she could get it. But if not, then hope that we could find something similar or anything that has room for the tummy.

Sunshine all year round!

Can you believe it? It’s almost the middle of May already. Pretty soon, it’s going to be school days again, and rainy days are just around the corner. Ok, I am ready to say goodbye to summer heat but I don’t think I would love the rain and mud, either. Speaking of summer, I really have not spent quality time with hubby for a beach vacation this year. But we did have some little trips which were equally relaxing.

I wish I could go to those beaches in Florida someday. Photos of beaches in http://packages.orlandovacation.com/ are just so inviting! I bet so many people flocked to Florida last winter time. Because while most of the states in the US are freezing cold, the sun always shines in Florida! I wonder how it would feel like to have sunshine all year round?