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To swallow or not

Seriously, losing weight is a dedication.

With the presence of best appetite suppressant in the market, one can enjoy the benefit of losing weight for just a couple of days. No more going to the gym for the workout and no more strict diet regimen.

If I were to choose between the former and the latter, to be frank, I chose the former. Because in my situation, I live 20 kilometers from downtown area where most gyms are located and very tiring to go there. So I prefer to swallow one tablet or capsule a day rather than sweating myself going far away.

But, before taking suppressants, one must consult to his or her doctor first.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign of progress

DW’s concerned was her belly… It’s embarrassing to see herself in the pictures with the bulges in her belly. As for me, it really doesn’t matter if she has it. The fact that I do also have bulges in my belly and that I enjoyed myself tickling her belly.

I always remember that every time we have picture taking with ourselves, we always tend to say “stomach in” before the shutter clicks so that we will not see the bulges in our belly. And we are getting used to it!

Last month when we went to Luzon for a vacation, I met a friend who is also a photo enthusiasts and who happens to be a friend of my friend. What a small world, isn’t it? Out topic was all about belly fats. They have problems getting rid of it. One friend told me to visit a very credible site on how to lose belly fat.

Well, thanks to the modern technology of Internet that we can have that information in just a split of second.