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Thinning hair

They say stress and hair loss are directly connected. DW mentioned even graying hair too! She has a former colleague whose most of his hairs turned grey months after being assigned in a stressful job position. In her case, grey hair is inherited and so is my hair loss. Some of my maternal uncles have thin hair and that’s where I got my thinning hair. I just hope baldness will not strive me when I get old! Maybe now I should heed DW’s advice to use aloe vera to restore my used to be thick crown when I was younger. Hope it is really effective on me!

Hair loss

The wife noticed my hair is getting thinner. Am I a candidate for baldness? I hope not! My hair loss might be an effect of wearing helmet everyday. The wife said she has a former officemate who got totally bald after wearing helmet everyday. It might be the heat under the helmet that causes hair fall so I think I will start looking for some hair loss products to prevent baldness. Also, hair loss might be genetically acquired because I have a maternal uncle who has thinning hair. This hair loss should be stopped sooner so I won’t end up like my uncle. I can’t imagine myself to be partially bald!