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Busy with miniature cars

People in the house are busy doing our own thing. Me looking for a timing pulley in the net, wifey doing her fulltime workload, SIL is busy with her online store, and BIL occupied with his phone. There’s a little guy so busy messing around with his collection of miniature Hotwheels and Matchbox an hour past mignight.

miniature cars collection of Eman

Good thing these keeps the little man busy so we can do our own thing without being disturbed. The miniature cars are really a good help in keeping him entertained. Thanks to the brilliant minds behind this toy cars.LOL.

Our collectibles

As much as I love to collect Matchbox and Hotwheels, my nephew also loves playing with it. He has his own collection too.

Here, the wife took a photo of us showing off our latest collection during that time. We got those collectibles from the Surplus Store that we frequent.

Showing off their toys.

Eman got a remote controlled truck from his Mommy and Daddy during the holidays. He was so thrilled while opening his gift and even more excited to play with it as soon as he got it out of the box.

Ang maliit na tao busy din sa remote "controy" nya.

and I got a vintage Matchbox collectible from SIL and BIL, too. Another one for my collection! Yay! For my collection, I am aiming for any of the Remote Control Boats I saw in the surplus store. And I would love to have it one of these days.

Dagdag sa kanyang collection.