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Tablet PC

We go out of town frequently now that SIL and BIL are leaving 2 towns away from here. We visit them and stay in their place for a couple of days or more. If not because of the dogs and cat, we could stay there for a week!

Travelling frequently with dear wife’s 14” laptop in tow is a bit inconvenient because it is bulky and heavy! That made us think it’s better to have a tablet PC and this Asus Eee Tablet PC in the picture would be perfect to bring anywhere we go sans the inconvenience of bringing a bulky and heavy laptop. Dear wife wouldn’t miss her work then!

New desktop computer

Dear wife’s desktop computer has arrived and I was able to set-up the unit days after. It’s a good buy for its price! The only thing is, we waited for almost two months before it arrived here. Not that bad though because she’s not in a hurry. She just need a desktop where she can work long hours so the laptop that she’s been using for more than a year could finally take a rest from working day in and day out. Guess her next project would be getting a laptop (some years from now) and she might need to check out laptop reviews first before getting one because there’s a lot of laptop brands and models out in the market. Now I can work on my blog without waiting for her to finish using the laptop. Thanks to HIM for the blogging earnings that made us purchase a new desktop computer.