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Getting a printer

It’s been months since the wife has mentioned she wanted to get a printer. She may not be printing lots of documents a day but it is inconvenient for us to go out and have some documents printed at a café. We are considering of availing a retention promo of our current ISP to get a new printer for free. But thanks goodness we didn’t availed of the promo because the place where we are moving in has poor connection. Might as well buy a new printer soon like one of those brother printers that I saw at an online store.

Printing expenses

DW has been asking my opinion if she will sign up for the retention program of our ISP or not. If she’ll sign up, there’s a free items that she can choose from and she’s most interested in the printer. She needs that printer for her home office so she won’t be asking me to print something for her but still, she’s undecided if she’ll go for it or not. One of the concerns is the additional expense in having a printer such that toners are very expensive. If only there’s a way to refill those hp toner cartridges, it will probably cut the cost by half. But while she’s still undecided, I am offering my services to print her documents for free!hahaha