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Busy with miniature cars

People in the house are busy doing our own thing. Me looking for a timing pulley in the net, wifey doing her fulltime workload, SIL is busy with her online store, and BIL occupied with his phone. There’s a little guy so busy messing around with his collection of miniature Hotwheels and Matchbox an hour past mignight.

miniature cars collection of Eman

Good thing these keeps the little man busy so we can do our own thing without being disturbed. The miniature cars are really a good help in keeping him entertained. Thanks to the brilliant minds behind this toy cars.LOL.

Playing with Lego and Mega Bloks

The wife got a huge box of Lego and Mega Bloks from a US Warehouse surplus store weeks ago. She was saying she didn’t have the chance to play with this kind of toys when she was a kid so she was beaming when I told her to buy the box of building blocks toys for a good deal!

Since she’s busy, the building blocks were just stashed in the storage containers after she sorted it – Lego in one container and Mega in another. One afternoon I decided to play with it and pulled out the box of Lego and started making a robot. I was too excited to show it to Eman but unfortunately, the robot was dismantled before the little boy came to visit us. I’ll try to build a robot again next time for Eman to see when they visit us here.